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The Magic & Comedy of

What exactly is PromoTainment?

Entertainment is defined as: "an event,

performance or activity designed to

bring attention and fun to others".

  A promotion is defined as: "activity that

supports or provides active encouragement

  for the furtherance of a venture or aim"...



Gary West is a specialist in the conceptualization, creation and presentation of promotions that feature live entertainment. For over thirty years, he has designed many of the most successful PromoTainment packages for businesses and casinos nationwide... we are talking about Romero Award winning promotions that generated Tens of MILLIONS of Dollars in incremental income.


Businessman Donald Trump said of Gary's promotional abilities: " These are better than any comps that we can offer to our players..."


Michael Michaud, Vice President of Marketing for the Seminole Tribe of Florida: "Gary is a promotions genius!"


Let Gary West bring you a piece of this action by contracting his services for an upcoming promotional campaign, special event  or Corporate sales push. Your company deserves this quality!

Just a few HUGE Money Makers!

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